Scottsdale Silverado GC, Scottsdale. Ross Graves and Jack Gilmore, 2000.

This is a funky site with a very unusual back nine layout—you play the 10th hole, then drive the length of the 17th hole to reach the 11th tee, etc. You do what you can when the drainage channel is only one hole wide (they probably could have squeezed two holes in the area but the holes are better this way, even if it makes the course unwalkable). I was pleasantly surprised to find better golf here than I would have expected from the site—I liked both the par 5s on the back nine and the front side par 4s were also not bad. That said, the 10th tee is one I’ve never seen before and hope never to see again—it’s a hard dogleg right with a line of trees and bushes just right off the tee, with an aiming pole hidden back in the growth. Even that line seemed suspiciously too far left. Good luck there.

Arizona 9th Decile [2016]

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