Sinaloa, Simi Valley. Original designer unknown (1958) with renovations by Geoff Shackelford, Dave Axland, and Dan Proctor (1996).

This is a charming 9 hole par 3 course with a wonderful set of greens.

In just an hour, you can get a mini punchbowl at the first, a long narrow tabletop at the second, a respectable facsimile of the 12th at Augusta on the fifth, a nice drop shot on the sixth, a reverse Redan at the seventh, and a postage stamp version of Winged Foot’s famed 10th hole on the eighth hole.

Then you can play them all again from slightly different yardages, even sometimes slightly different angles, if you choose to play 18. An absolutely great spot to knock the ball around, for everyone from beginners to good players trying to work on their iron play (these small greens will get the attention of a good player!).


#5 doesn’t have Rae’s creek but the front bunker, narrow green, and backing hill covered with trees is otherwise a nice reproduction of the 12th at Augusta. If anything the green here must be smaller and more sloping.