Shalimar, Tempe. Forrest Richardson, 1960.

This is certainly an executive course, with its nine holes total just over 2,400 yards, but the 6 par 4s and three par 3s combo is unusual among such courses that tend to favor one-shot holes.

And while none of the par 4s are particularly long—the sixth is 381 and the first is 369—none are particularly likely to be reachable for this course’s clientele, either. The third hole, at just 267 on the card, may look like a candidate, but it bends to the right around trees with OB threatening down the left. And the ninth is only 300 yards from the back tee but has a ditch and bunkers in front of the green.

The best recommendation for this course is that, unlike so many short courses, it tends to be maintained like a regulation course. Don’t expect the greens to roll like they do at Wickenburg Ranch, but you can expect them to compare to nearby munis like Ken McDonald or Dobson Ranch. This experience goes along way for the beginning player.


Looking back at #5, a par 3 over water