Mt Woodson

Mt. Woodson GC, Ramona. Lee Schmidt and Brian Curley, 1991.

#18 is a short par 4 with the green protected by water (Credit: Golf Pass)

Not even 5,800 yards from the back tees, the length of this course will keep many away, but I think most players would have a lot more fun here than slogging through the newest 7,200 yard behemoth. They may lose more golf balls too, as this short course is tight and will punish anyone who recklessly tries to overpower it with too many drivers. But the views are great, the terrain exciting, and the bridgework absolutely stunning. You wouldn’t go to San Diego solely to play here, but it’s a great addition to a golf weekend if you came out to play Torrey Pines.

California 5th Quintile [2002]

One of the lengthy, impressive bridges at Mt Woodson (Credit: San Diego Golf)