Flatirons GC, Boulder. Robert B. Harris, 1938.

This is a nice old muni with some good holes played between tall trees but the course is ultimately let down by the boring routing. Nearly every hole is straight and tree-lined and the routing just goes back and forth like that over and over with hardly any bunkers or anything else to break it up.

A small stream and a few ponds add a bit more interest to the back nine, but nothing gets too wild. The 13th fairway is the widest on the course—but it plays like the narrowest fairway out there because of a tree in the fairway. The 14th is a short par 5 but it forces a layup off the tee. It is still reachable, but when one of the few holes that isn’t simply dead straight is interesting because it forces a layup … well, that’s not the kind of variety I’m searching out.

Colorado 9th Decile [1996]

Credit: Tom Peeples