Evergreen GC, Evergreen. Original architect unknown (1926) with renovations by Charles “Babe” Lind.

They now market this as an “executive” course, but it’s not your typical executive layout, as it clocks in with a par of 69. Instead that’s probably more due to the length, which even at 7,000 feet is a very modest 5,000 yards.

I think there’s only one par 4 over 330 yards and several are under 300, which at this altitude means a lot of players can reach the greens, so if the executive course moniker scares off some then that’s probably for the best.

From the third tee, it’s over the boulders or else (Credit: City of Denver)

This is a nice spot on a hillside sloping down toward a lake. One hole crosses a mountain creek, but that’s the only one where water is in play. The real memorable hole here is the 3rd, maybe the most dramatic Dell hole ever built. It is 109 yards directly over a large pile of boulders and completely blind. At some point they painted an arrow on the rocks for guidance and, in true Dell hole fashion, there’s a bell at the green you ring when you finish so the group on the tee knows when it’s safe to hit. Probably the most dramatic feature you’re likely to find on a 5,000-yard course. Certainly on any this side of the Atlantic.

Colorado 9th Decile [1994]

Credit: City of Denver