Eagle’s Nest

Eagle’s Nest GC, Silverthorne. Dick Phelps, 1986. NLE

This was an example of how not to build a mountain golf course. The market agreed and the course failed.

Since then the site has been reengineered by Hudzan-Fry resulting in an entirely new course now known as Raven at Three Peaks. Some of the old hole corridors are used, from what I understand, but that’s about it. This is a decent spot for a mountain course, with some room in a valley and a nice mountainside with thick aspen and pine forests. The trouble at Eagle’s Nest was that too many holes played straight up or straight down the hills—in the worst case (I want to say it was the 7th hole but I may be wrong) you did both in one hole—the tee shot played straight down to a flattish dogleg landing area, and then your next shot was back up an extreme hill. I never met anyone who didn’t hate that hole.