Corte Bella

Corte Bella GC, Sun City West. Greg Nash, 2004.

It looks more dramatic than all the other Sun City courses, because of the crushed red rock that lines the holes but also because of the huge and overdone amoeba-like bunkering.

But once you stand on a tee box you see that those bunkers are pushed so far away from the fairways that they’re barely in play, and there’s nothing else here to make this course any more special than any of the other Nash designs in the neighborhood.

The course is fine, it just plays a little less exciting than it looks. This is probably the ideal in a retirement community. But even within this genre of golf, I prefer courses that are a little easier to walk and with fewer road crossings and where the corridors between homes are wide enough for two holes.

Arizona 9th Decile [2015]

Water is rarely in play at Corte Bella, but when it is, as at #14, it is dramatically so (Credit: Corte Bella GC)