Conquistador GC, Cortez. Press Maxwell, 1963.

It’s not Prairie Dunes, but this is a gem to stumble upon in a small town in the corner of the state.

The course eases you in with a short par 5 to start (a small pond in front of the green keeps you honest), but the next few holes go 460, 220, and 570, 430, and 470 from the tips.  Granted you’re at elevation, but you still better arrive with your swing in shape.

Throughout the course offers thoughtful angles and gentle doglegs that allow a player to choose their line, and the course sits beautifully on the ground. I don’t know if the 11th is original to Maxwell, but it’s a memorable par 4 with a bite off as much as you dare tee shot across a pond, and the 13th is a good hole with a small hazard in front of the green that forces you to either shape your tee shot, or be left with a longer approach over the trouble than you’d prefer.

Four Corners isn’t exactly known as a golf destination, but between this course and Piñon Hills across the border in Farmington, NM, the locals have nice options.

Colorado 4th Decile [1992]