Cattails GC, Alamosa. Dick Phelps, 1991.

I played here in a high school event with a shotgun start so my memory of the hole numbers is off. There are some open holes away from the river or wetlands that aren’t constrained by trees, but that also aren’t very interesting. But too many of the holes by the river were choked with trees and tight doglegs to really be enjoyable, especially since many of those holes also feature water. There’s a par 5 along the river with wetland acting as a sort of Hell’s Half Acre feature, which is pretty severe on a muni, and on a hole hemmed in by trees. But the par 3s are nice and if you can shape the ball you’ll definitely have an advantage over your opponents here.

A nice enough spot to play if you happen to be in the area, but I wouldn’t suggest anyone drive all the way to this part of the state just to play golf.

Colorado 8th Decile [1997]

Credit: Cattails GC