Camelback Padre

Camelback GC. Padre course by Arthur Hills, 1999.

Like Ambiente, the Padre is a remodel from a prior course. The prior version of Padre was a Red Lawrence design. I never played it, but based on aerials it followed a roughly similar routing to what still exists but had much less water. Those who did play it remember push up greens and scooped out bunkers reminiscent of Desert Forest (prior to its own renovation).

#17 (Credit: Under Par)

The Hills version is an Arizona attempt at a parkland style course—a few holes get back into the homes, but mostly the challenge is from bunkers and water, which is in play on eight holes. There are trees but the fairways are wide enough that these are rarely a concern. The greens are flat enough that the fairways are wide simply for playability, not strategy. This is the sort of course meant to flatter the game of a resort guest from the cold north who hasn’t played in a few months.

The holes are fine but typically unspectacular. Each nine ends with a par 5, its green pressed against a pond with a waterfall, the clubhouse just above. It’s that sort of place.

Arizona 7th Decile [2016]

#18 and #9 (Credit: Golf Pass)