Wickenburg CC

Wickenburg CC, Wickenburg. William F. Bell and William P. Bell (1949) with an additional 9 holes added in 2006 (architect unknown).

wick cc
You can see the flag here on #1 to the left of the palm tree that guards the green

This is an unusual little course, short but tight enough that you have to think your way around. There are a few nice back nine holes that play along a natural canyon—I especially liked the 12th heading uphill along an ever-narrowing fairway. But it is the first hole that’s likely to stick in your memory more than any other. Just over 300 yards, the hole plays from a high point next to the clubhouse down into a valley and then back up to a green with a severe shelf on the left third of the green.   There’s a bunker at the green’s right front but any hole location on that right portion of the green makes the hole play pretty normally. However, any hole on the left shelf brings into play a lone palm tree that stands directly in front of that portion of the green. You can try to play left of the green and bounce it off a steep hill or try to go right at the green and hope you miss the tree, or play to the lower portion of the green and putt. It’s the only hole I can think of that uses a tree directly in front of the green as a hazard.

Arizona 9th Decile [2016]

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