Tatum Ranch

Tatum Ranch GC, Cave Creek. Bob Cupp, 1987.

This was one of the courses I played on my first trip to Phoenix. After playing Starr Pass (in Tucson) and looking at courses like Troon North and The Boulders, it was rather a let down to learn that sometimes desert courses were as bland as this one. I’ve never been back to play Tatum Ranch, but with the benefit of age I can say it’s for the best that not every course tries to be like Troon North.

Your typical 10+ handicap will probably enjoy knocking it around here day after day much more than chasing lost balls at some CCFAD, and there’s something to be said for that.

On the other hand, even looking at an aerial, none of the holes here made an impression that has stuck.

Arizona 7th Decile [1995]

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