Quintero GC, Peoria. Rees Jones, 2000.

Quintero 039
The par-5 14th

The primary appeal of this course is its isolation, and it is so far away from the city that  it’s unlikely that will change anytime soon. This is a beautiful spot in the desert, and though there are a handful of homes and infrastructure, the desert out here really does still feel mostly unspoiled.

But the course doesn’t do anything to enhance the site, to my taste. There are drop shot par 3s and some holes that run straight up hillsides, but too few holes that feel like they’re really working with the natural features. This is a very difficult course—the vast majority of the holes are straight so if you are crooked, you’ll be in big trouble, either a deep bunker or desert. The few holes that do dogleg still don’t offer much in the way of strategy or options. It’s good for an occasional visit, either just for the views or sometimes to really test your game, but I wouldn’t want to play it very often.

Arizona 2nd Decile [2017]

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