Gainey Ranch

Gainey Ranch GC, Scottsdale. Lakes and Dunes nines by Brad Benz and Mike Poellot, 1983.

The 9th on the (you guessed it) Lakes Nine

I simply can’t fathom why anyone would pay membership dues here when all but identical courses that are public and relatively inexpensive surround it (and much better options exist both public and private no more than 15 minutes in any direction). There was one par 5 with an interesting long narrow green I liked (the fifth on the Dunes, I think), but my major memory of this course is two par 3s where huge trees not adequately trimmed had rendered any shot directly at the green impossible. The worst of the two was the 8th hole on the Lakes course, where the tree forced you to aim right of the green and try to hook it back, but a pond awaited anything short or right of the green. Maybe that was just a one-time lack of tree-trimming, but it didn’t make me year to get back.

Arizona 6th Decile [2013]

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