The Foothills GC, Phoenix. Jay Morrish and Tom Weiskopf, 1988.

On #6 the green beckons, but the better play is out to the left, leaving a second shot down the length of the green

Built on the southern slope of South Mountain, this is a course where housing is not doing the golf any favors. Nor is the maintenance, which per reviews has been almost unplayable over the past several years, maybe the result of bad ground water.

There were some holes I liked here. The 6th borrows the basic principles of the 10th at Riviera–it’s tempting to hit driver up close to the green, but the best play is shorter and wider left. And the 8th is a unique downhill par 5 cascading down to a green set by a pond. But even with good conditioning, it just seems like this design team should have gotten much more out of this site.

Arizona 8th Decile [2018]

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